Through a comprehensive care model, Ixoqib' MIRIAM enables indigenous women to integrate into the country's economy and actively participate as agents of change, and contributes to the transformation of society to ensure gender equality, social justice and a fulfilling life for women.


“At university, no matter how much you present yourself, there is a certain shyness, for fear of what the teacher or classmates will say. On the other hand, MIRIAM has given me the ability to speak confidently in public, to express my ideas without fear, because the process is integral. So I always raised my hand at the university because in MIRIAM we analyzed the context and I knew a little bit more for the courses.”

Interview (2017)

“We were not included in this foundation. The facilities of MIRIAM and other spaces have helped me. I have managed to get a room to talk about gender issues and indigenous women.”

Focus Group (2017)

“When they see in my CV that I have MIRIAM degrees, people are interested in learning about my skills. It has opened doors for me in the professional world. It changed the mentality towards Mayan women. We have shown that we are able to make important decisions, hold public office and lead organizations.”

Interview (2017)

“Miriam became a source of inspiration for other organizations. Since I was there, I was also a reference person for other young people, because you are someone who has not only been in the community, but has also gone out to participate. ”

Interview (2017)

“If my niece wants a car, she gets one, and if my nephew wants a doll, he gets one.”


“We are both equal, we have the same skills, we both go out and cooperate. So at home, we share the work.”