Research projects

MIRIAM is committed to building knowledge from the experiences of indigenous women from their specific contexts and to making their ideas, visions, practices, experiences and proposals visible. We conduct our research using feminist and intercultural methodology.

Our research begins with the lives of women. We focus on indigenous women, their experiences and their situation in gender organizations and their communities. This process is about the indigenous women, the goals and contents are based on their feelings, needs and interests. Specifically, we start out from a number of focal points that constitute the characteristics of feminist research, such as subjectivity, knowledge situation, deconstruction, denaturalization, historicization and visibility of women.

We carry out research that contributes to the various processes of our “Education & Empowerment Program” or to produce information for decision makers in governmental institutions.


In addition to the research work of professional women researchers, female university students carry out research work as part of their final theses that contributes to the promotion of a fulfilled life for women. MIRIAM awards research scholarships to students in the final phase of their studies who have completed the following theses, which can be downloaded here.

MIRIAM documents

Here you will find application forms for comprehensive support, regulations and manuals that may be of interest to you.

Here you can download the research projects, theses and documents (Spanish)